There is no place like home!

Back from NYC today!  What a whirlwind of activities!  Shopping in Manhattan, taking the subway for the first time ever.  Ferry to Staten Island at dusk, Chocolate for dinner.  Waffle Turkey club sandwich.  (way cooler than it sounds) I can still hear the clakitty clak of the train ride home.  I met some REALLY interesting people along the way.  A dance troop of girls from Tonawanda NY, first trip to the big apple.  I met a woman on the ferry that lives on Staten Island that was so kind, Janet is a friend of mine now.  In the subway, I met officer Shapiro and on the train home from NYC I met an author from Portland Oregon, who has written a play called Scarlett.  She had a small group of actors with her.  I had an amazing time meeting people and growing in my life experience.  The best of all was my family greeting me at the station to bring me home.  I love you most of all!  Time to paint now!