Custom Designs

We are often asked to create a Custom ornament for someone to give as a gift or keep as a family heirloom.  Custom designs are fun and interesting to create, however, very time consuming.  Since the piece will never be created again, and certainly not offered to the general public, our rate must reflect that.

Our base rate for custom designs is $30.

In the past we have created one of a kind ornaments for Large Families, Corporate Gifts,  Special Weddings and Births, to name a few.

Another favorite Custom design is the painting of the likeness of your home, business or vacation home on a glass ornament.  Our base rate for home designs on 6”glass Christmas ornaments is $100.  Time must be allowed for this painting as it is very time consuming to paint on a spherical surface.

These Handpainted Custom Ornaments are personalized with names and dates & are carefully gift boxed.  They are sure to be handed down to future generations.